Strongandagile.co.uk is the personal blog of Craig Strong, to share two-way knowledge, experiences and opinions with the wider professional community. Topics covered range through Innovation, Transformation, Agility and Growth underpinned by technology enablement, operating model transformation and modernisation.

About Craig Strong

Craig Strong leads a global speciality practice in Product Enterprise Operating Models for Amazon Web Services (AWS), helping enterprises transform and modernise their Operating Models to become more Product and Customer-centric, enabled by Cloud-based technologies. He is an experienced CTO and CPO who has worked across multiple domains, from startups some of the worlds largest enterprises covering publicly listed, privately owned, venture capital and private equity funded companies, giving Craig a unique perspective of challenges and practices of different operating models and management styles. He specializes in product-led companies, who innovate and leverage technology to drive growth and innovation. His efforts have supported and steered several companies to high growth outcomes, successful exits and acquisitions.


For 20 years Craig has been developing and delivering market-leading products, transformation and innovation strategies, built on modernised operating models, software and technology solutions focused on customers needs. Passionately utilising Agile and Lean principles to help companies innovate and grow, he has worked and consulted for companies including Amazon, SkyNowTV.comHargreaves Lansdown, Pearson, Financial Times,  InsightSoftware.com, Tracesmart and others. He is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

During his tenure as VP of the Global Product Lifecycle at Pearson, he pioneered and co-created an award-winning enterprise innovation framework;  the Lean Product Lifecycle. This work went on to win two international corporate innovation awards up against other large innovative enterprises for Best Innovation Programme and Best Innovation Culture 2015 in both London and New York. In 2018 Craig co-authored the Lean Product Lifecycle book; a playbook for product innovation and development.


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Events And Communities

Craig is an established conference speaker and regularly shares his thoughts and experiences at various conferences and events across Europe and the US including speaking at international conferences offered by Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance. As well as speaking at many events, he was a growth founder/organiser for one of the largest and most active Agile groups in London, the London Agile Practitioners Group.

He is an active member of product and technology communities and leadership and governance forums including Forbes Technology Council member, Global speaker and thought leader on Innovation, Technology, Lean and Agile practices.



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