Craig Strong

For over 18 years Craig has been developing and delivering market-leading software, businesses and technology solutions focused on customer needs, helping companies and teams innovate, scale and grow at different stages of their lifecycle. Passionately utilising Agile and Lean principles to help companies develop and advance adaptive capabilities, he has worked and consulted for a broad range of global and regional privately owned, listed, private equity and venture-capital backed companies, providing valuable insights and experiences that could help your business or idea grow whatever the size.

As a believer in people, Craig prides his approach to building highly skilled teams who work together in a goal orientated way to reach collective outcomes. Having started his career as a hands-on software engineer, his first-hand technical knowledge provides a vital strength in really understanding how to achieve results and builds credibility with those he works with.

Craig has held many leadership roles at focusing mainly around Chief Technology And Product Officer in technology led companies. He is highly experienced in software and product development and has consistently delivered credible strategies supported by in-depth operational knowledge at all levels of the business. Passionate about building globally diverse and dynamic high performing teams which nurture innovation and thought leadership to continuously improve all levels of the business

As VP of the Global Product Lifecycle and a co-creator of the Lean Product Lifecycle, this work went on to win two international corporate innovation awards up against other large innovative enterprises for Best Innovation Programme and Best Innovation Culture 2015 in both London and New York. In 2018 Craig co-authored the Lean Product Lifecycle, a playbook for product innovation and development; taking ideas and turning them into successful businesses.


Best Innovation Program & Culture

19 corporate innovations were nominated for the Best Innovation Program category from the likes of Transamerica, Starwood, Telus, The New York Times & Marriott. The judging panel, however, recognized ONE PEARSON PLC and ADOBE KICKBOX as joint winners.

Pearson’s PLC is a global initiative for the consistent development of new products and services, using a scalable and repeatable product development and product investment governance framework, based on agile and lean startup processes. This six-step process focuses on searching for a viable business model, then on executing against established, in-market business models. The process has been tested through pilot projects and is now being ramped up through training of 1000 employees and 100 PLC coaches by the end of the year.

Events And Communities

Craig is an established conference speaker and regularly shares his thoughts and experiences at various conferences and events across Europe and the US including speaking at international conferences offered by Agile Alliance and Scrum Alliance. As well as speaking at many events, he was a growth founder/organiser for one of the largest and most active Agile groups in London, the London Agile Practitioners Group.

He is an active member of product and technology communities and leadership forums including Forbes Technology Council member. Global speaker and thought leader on Innovation, Technology, Lean and Agile practices.


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