Agile and Lean Events 2014

There’s a lot going on within the Lean and Agile communities worldwide in 2014. For those who want to expand their knowledge and get involved with the community, I’ve listed some of the main conferences that might interest you across the globe.

Take a look and see what’s happening near you : 2014 Agile and Lean Events :

Agile & Lean Events 2014
Agile & Lean Events 2014

If you want to see the events in date order click on the Data icon.Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 22.35.24


In addition to Conferences I’ve added local specialist groups to the map. There are passionate groups who get great speakers on a weekly and monthly basis right on your doorsteps. Check out the map and get involved with local knowledge hubs specialising and sharing knowledge on Agile and Lean practices in your area.

If I’ve missed any or if you want your group listed, let me know by posting below.



  1. As we get closer to the fall, will give you lots of regional conferences to list. All the Agile Tour events happen October through December.

    Also in the fall, was heavily agile last year and will likely be this year as well.

    For user groups… Monthly meetings in Toronto, Canada monthly meetings in Ottawa, Canada Less frequent meetings just outside Toronto Monthly meetings in Montreal, Canada Monthly meetings in Richmond, US

    • Thanks Mike. Those links are great, much appreciated. I’ve added these to the map.

      I’ll add Agile Tour dates and venues when they become available. If you come across anymore groups or conferences, let me know and I’ll add them.

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