Barcelona Scrum Gathering 2012 – Scrum Alliance

Barcelona Scrum Gathering 2012 -Scrum Alliance



Craig will be co-presenting at the Barcelona Scrum Gathering with James Scrimshire from Hurricane Four.

In this session the aim is to demonstrate that TDD/BDD can help your team understand what to build and when to stop building it. A fun, friendly relaxed and interactive session where the learning outcomes are gained through experience.

This session uses experiential learning techniques like “training from the back of the room” to help the participants gain a better understanding of why TDD is helpful and the pitfalls of testing by verification.

We hope the participants will get a clearer understanding of why ‘test first’ is better than test after. How BDD can help them create better, clearer and more well defined user stories.

To demonstrate this, we will be having some fun getting participants working with Lego.

 Session Feedback 

To view slides from the session, please visit :–global-event

Teams Discussing Feedback


Engaged In Thought


Battleship Lego Board Built


Team at work

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