Deciding What To Do Using A Decision Making Graph

It’s sometimes difficult to decide what to do next when you have lot’s of things to get done, but limited time available. Therefore it’s important to choose the most valuable options available.

This pen cast explains how we use a Decision Making Graph to quickly visualise priority against time. This quick focusing technique is a useful aid when facilitating retrospective sessions with teams when “Deciding What To Do”. Through interactive discussion, it becomes obvious what to tackle next and focuses value. This technique also explains clearly why we have decided not to take on some other actions, which shares a good understanding of the goal moving forward.

Although this is a good technique for making decisions in Retrospective, this technique can be used anywhere where decisions have to be made.

If you would prefer to listen offline and not watch the flash video below,download the following fileĀ Decision Making Graph Audio pdf.

Here is an example created in a retrospective I facilitated:
Retrospective Actions
Deciding What To Do – Retrospective Actions
As always, I would appreciate your feedback on the above.

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