Enterprise Agility and Scaling Agile


Concerned with the direction of the common responses to the need for business agility, I wrote an article for Forbes, Scaling Agility – Division of Species. This addresses some concerns with the focus on process over innovative and exploritory based learning cultures which lead to organisational responsiveness. In this I argue to point that some larger frameworks have evolved from the original principles set out by the Agile manifesto to a point they should potentially be recognised as something entirely different.

Having had some further thought and feedback from this post, I provided and extension and follow up here:  Agile Frameworks – Scaled Incremental Frameworks For Enterprise. This follow up attempts to provide more thought around the broader needs acorss the enterprise beyond delivery and process conformity.

In both these posts I  raise the concerns that many of the scaled agile solutions focus too heavily on execution as opposed to exploration. I don’t believe this is the fault of the frameworks entirely, but those applying it as an easier fix than broader organisational change. The reaction eneterprises are having to this seems to be a pull effect, with the hope that such solutions will provide them with business agility. Whilst providing improvement for enterprises, I’m far from convinced this is near the solution needed for enterprises to become more innovative. This is not necessary an issue with the framework, but those applying them as silver bullet solutions.

I hope both these posts stimulate thought around the subject and lead to some interesting conversations which further contribute to improving the world of work and product development.

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