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I recently ran a workshop on gamifying the card wall at Agile 2014 in Orlando. I was pleased that this was well received at the conference with some engaging conversations and ideas emerging from the session. I’ve shared the feedback from the session below. To view the full section details click here

The idea behind this session was to emphasise the point that teams which have higher levels of collaboration and engagement together and teams who’s needs are being met, can have a positive effect on your business and organisation in terms of investment and productivity. Gamification explores ways in which some of these values can be improved through fun and simple ways.

Using some techniques I have tried with teams that I have worked with in the past, this session explores some simple ways to help use the card wall as a coaching tool to help good teams become great. On many occasions, I’ve come across prescriptive workflows which completely disengage teams and those teams don’t challenge the tools they inherit. Gamification and customisation helps teams care and take ownership of their system and workflow to help the team unite behind common goals.

The workshop is broken into the following sections and last around 60-75 mins :

  1. Setting the scene of why engagement is important
  2. A journey through an evolutionary card wall
  3. Gamification around us
  4. Team activity
  5. Share outcomes
  6. Step through game (fellowship of the goal)

Although steps 1-3 can seem a little too detailed as most people want to dive into the gamification part of the workshop, I feel it’s important to set the scene to provide context.

If you prefer the keynote slides you can download them here

Some of the team challenges that I used can be found here : Team Challenges

Fellowship Of The Goal

If you would like to use the template to create your own game, you can download it here : Fellowship Of The Goal

Running the workshop

If you would like me to run this session at your group or with your teams, please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively if you would like to run this session yourself, let me know if I can support you in anyway and I would love to hear your feedback. All I ask in return is that you share the outcomes and include a reference back to me.

If you customise your card wall and were inspired by this session, I’d really like to share the image on my site or follow the conversation on twitter. I suggest using the tag #gamifycardwall. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.
Orlando Session Feedback – Agile 2014 

Agile 2014 : Orlando

Agile 2014 Orlando

The feedback questions are based on a 5 rating scale, with 5 being the highest score.

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• Overall Rating: 4.54

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