Innovation Evening with Google, Salesforce and Cambridge Judge Business School

Last month we held an evening of innovation at Agile Practitioners London partnering with Pearson College and held at the the immersive WeWork offices in Aldgate Tower.  With 3 great speakers lined up from Google, Salesforce and Cambridge and Cambridge Judge Business School, we had a very interesting and diverse mix of ideas shared. The videos below share the interesting perspectives, insights and unique experiences across the field of innovation from Jen, Jeremy and Jaideep.

Innovation – Agile Practitioners London

Jaideep Prabhu : Cambridge, Judge Business School


Over 3 billion people in the developing world live outside the formal economy and face significant unmet needs in core areas such as health, education, energy, food, and financial services. For years this large population was either the target of aid or came under the purview of governments. More recently, however, private sectors firms, both large and small, have begun to see the bottom of the pyramid as a market opportunity and have begun to design market-based solutions to meet unmet needs.

Frugal Innovation – How To Do Better With Less

Jaideep’s presentation was very moving and inspirational; based on his recent award winning book Frugal Innovation – How to do better with less. Through the examples and insights provided, Jaideep shared new ways to look at solving the problem where resources are limited and the environmental constraints are very different to those in the West and really affect people’s lives. It was very inspiring to see how people from different parts of the world, with very limited resources and technologies innovate in ways which save and change lives. It was quite humbling to see how much can be done with less and what can be done when we look more laterally to the possibilities around us. 

Jen Thompson : YouTube Media Sales & Innovation EMEA

Jen is a leader on YouTube media sales and innovation across EMEA where she helps bring new products and strategies to market in partnership with PM and customer teams. She’s worked with hundreds of brands from local bakeries starting their first online ads campaign, to US Fortune500 companies in developing Google-wide media strategies. Aside from her day job, Jen dedicates time to Google for Entrepreneurs as the engine and energy behind Campus London’s Women’s Meet-up group, supporting female entrepreneurs and women in tech start-ups.

How Google/Alphabet Thinks About Innovation

Jen shared a very interesting perspective on how Google think about innovation based around 3 main questions, 1. Asking big questions, 2. Technological innovation, 3. Access for everyone through partnerships. I really enjoyed the way Jen shared how powerful the question of What If ? can be when innovating. This is the question that drives innovation at Google to experiment in new ways. Jen also was brave enough to successfully demonstrate how machine learning has evolved using voice recognition to better access information. I certainly came away with thinking more about the question What If? Jen’s viewpoints on how diversity is a key ingredient to innovation re-enforced my own beliefs on this subject and it was interesting to see how Google deliberately encourage and create a diverse environment.

Jeremy Waite – Salesforce


Ideas, Innovation, Data and The Technology Revolution

Seasoned speaker and energetic innovation/tech evangelist, Jeremy really engaged and really inspired the audience around innovation and how the technology revolution is disrupting the world. Jeremy without having his presentation at hand, fully engaged the audience and through his talk took us on a journey on how the world is changing, how data is changing everything and how Salesforce as a platform is helping startups everywhere access data and facilitate their data. Discussing how companies such as Uber use data to innovate and provide a better service by understanding exactly what their drivers and passengers need. Highly recommend watching this talk from Jeremy if you want to be inspired.

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