How to maximise workflow in an Agile environment using the Theory of Constraints

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Pleased to be presenting a 2hr session at Sky on 11/05/2013 in as part of  with Daryn Holmes.

Daryn and I work together at Sky on the NOW TV project and were inspired by the brilliant book The Goal and from this starting thinking about how to apply the lessons learnt into the workplace. By exploring the Theory of Constraints, we managed to take steps towards increasing output which eventually led to improved workflow which was represented in our evolving card walls. The most recent being seen in the Hourglass card wall seen  here.

Starting with the simple matchstick game as defined by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in the goal, we started seeing the effects of change. This led us to develop an simulator which would provide us with a model to make changes and see the effects on production workflow, based on the 5 steps of   Theory of Constraints. The results were pretty amazing.

This presentation involves practical exercises and a presentation examining the results of the simulator mentioned above, discussing how these can be applied in the workplace through Scrum and Kanban systems. The format is :

  • Presentation
  • Matchstick Game (Download Demo Game Available Here : MatchSticksSim)
  • Presentation

We hope to provide a though provoking discussion where people will have ideas and look at new ways to challenge their bottlenecks in their workplaces.

We plan to run this session at several Agile groups. If you are interested in us running this session at your company or group, feel free to contact us for a chat.

If you have attended this session and would like to leave feedback, your more than welcome below.

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