Lean Startup In A Global Education Enterprise

Lean Day London 2014
Lean Day London 2014

This week I was lucky enough to attend a speak at Lean Day London. I’ve been to many conferences and I was particularly excited about this one as I personally liked the theme and range of speakers sharing their stories. This was very much about practice over theory which provides a core knowledge  of practical examples to take away.  Maybe some of this is subjective due to the nature of my recent work focus on transforming a large organisation into a Lean Enterprise. I’m currently part of a core team within  Pearson who are going through a very exciting global transformation using learnings and knowledge from Agile and Lean Startup communities, which was the basis of my short talk. I feel very privileged to be part of this team and although I presented at LeanDay any credit for the subject matter should be shared between the team which consists of :

My talk was centred around how we are applying Lean Startup beyond the idea and how we are trying to change behaviours to think this way.

Craig Strong at Lean Day London 2014 (Lean Day London 2014) from NeoInnovate on Vimeo.

I have included the slides below from my presentation.


On one of the slides where I wanted to combat change I referenced the inspiring book “Change or Die” by Alan Deutschman. My point in doing so was to reference the challenge on changing behaviours. One of the key questions in this books is “What is it that prevents 90% of heart patients from changing their lifestyle after bypass operations?”. My reference to this is that if you can expect behavioural resistance when people are faced with the most extreme case “end of life”, asking people to change behaviours in an organisation is not enough. Changing behaviours takes more than “support”, you need actions. Actions from the top and through every part of the organisation. This requires significant effort and engagement.

What was amusing about this slide is that, when people photographed and tweeted myself on stage in front of the message “Change or Die”, for anyone not at the conference, this can be taken the wrong way. This was not a comment on the company, but a coaching approach to change for any organisation to consider.

Coaching and Training behavioural change

Photo by : @alebyday 

Some of my favourite tweets during the conference #leandaylondon 

“Inheriting a somewhat successful product can be more challenging than inheriting a failed product” #leandaylondon

At GDS user experience is the responsibility of the whole team, NOT just UX specialists, says @leisa #leandaylondon

The topic of #leandaylondon: how do we shift our culture of delivery into a culture of learning?

It’s frustratingly true that too many people simplify agile and lean as “less for more” – @guspower at #LeanDayLondon

There is a really big difference between being data-driven and hypotheses driven … hypotheses enable learning @tendayiviki #leandaylondon

Validate the need before validating the solution. #leandaylondon

“We won’t invest in a profitable project unless it improves the learner outcome” – so great to hear this from t #leandaylondon @wildfalcon

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