Product Growth – Beyond The Early Adopter

Crossing the Chasm - Lean Product Lifecycle
Crossing the Chasm - Lean Product Lifecycle

I was asked to speak at Product Tank London as one of 3 speakers focusing on different stages of the product lifecycle. For a number of years I was part of a Global Lean Transformation team at Pearson, where we combined a series of practices and principles from Lean, Agile, Lean Startup, Growth Hacking, Customer Development, Relative Market Performance, Digital Product Management and more. This provided an innovation and product management framework which worked at the product and portfolio level.

This presentation focuses the point where you are approaching the moment where you reach Product/Market Fit and what you need to do next.

For a full break down of talk, you can see the write up at Product Lifecycle Management – Beyond The Early Adopter.

The presentation slides are available below :

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