Speaker at Agile 2014 : Gamify The Card Wall

Agile 2014 : Orlando
Agile 2014 Orlando

Very please to announce that Craig Strong has to have been selected as a speaker for Agile 2014 in Orlando. Craig will be running a workshop which should be good fun on how to use the card wall as a coaching tool and ways in which you can gamify it to improve team engagement. This session will also demonstrate  hands-on examples of some of the topics discussed in Craig’s new book ‘Inside The Agile Workflow‘.

This workshop takes the audience through different ways to present the card wall, to make stand-ups more fun and interesting. We will look at ways you can alter the card wall to challenge skill silos and encourage more cross-functional behaviours, and present ideas on how to gamify the card wall in order to make it fun and interactive. Using learnings from the theory of constraints, kanban, scrum, team dynamics and system thinking principles we’ll also discuss creative ways to monitor cycle time, understand progress and visualize flow to challenge team patterns, behaviours and bottlenecks.

If you are attending Agile 2014 we’d love to see you there and get your feedback.


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