Compass - Direction ?

Improving How We Make Decisions In A Complex World

April 8, 2018 craigstrong 0

In a complex world which is ever changing, it’s vital that we develop our decision making skills and abilities as leaders and pioneers. Developing products and growing businesses demands us to make the best decisions possible, with often little room for error. Knowing when to utilise our System 1 or System 2 brain helps us recognise when we are or aren’t being rational.

Improving Product Outcomes Using Cynefin and a Product Lifecycle.

May 22, 2016 craigstrong 0

As we created the Product Lifecycle, we developed a range of Lean governance principles and data points by collaborating with over 20 enabling functions and understanding what is needed when by different stages of their life to support and grow a product, all of course secondary to continuously meeting the customer needs. A powerful sense-making activity for product development and strategy was to combine Cynefin with the Product Lifecycle. This helped us understand when to use Lean Startup and Agile practices and created meaningful conversation to inform working practices.