Theory Of Constraints And Agile Methodologies

In this session we position the Theory of Constraints (ToC) as a fundamental Agile principle. We apply ToC to a Kanban model. In addition to kanban, we explain how Scrum supports these ideas. We show real-world examples of how ToC is being applied within an Agile context and what patterns to expect as we run through simulated production modelling.

Getting more output without additional investment and decreasing cycle times are all key elements to business survival. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to deliver more. A thought provoking session which should get you thinking about Agile application, system efficiency, bottlenecks and the true value of the business goal.

Presented by Craig Strong and Daryn Holmes.

Public session dates and venues TBC

More information on this session can be read here, which includes a download of the simulator we developed and used to support the session.

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  1. Had a great day at the mini-conference hosted by Sky and was glad I could help out. Pleased to see we managed to get near 40 people to attend on a Saturday.

    Some interesting questions through our presentation on Theory Of Constraints and really enjoyed the open space discussions after.

    Hope to get involved with many more.

    More information held here :

    • Hi Craig,

      Hope you are doing good. I am looking for your fantastic presentation and the excel which we went through.

      Please could you send that across to me or provide me the link to it.



      • Hi Rajesh,

        Good to hear from you, I had a fun day Saturday and lot’s of interesting discussions about Agile going on. I’ll be seeing Daryn tomorrow and I’ll co-ordinate uploading the slides and simulators from our presentation asap. As soon as they are up, I’ll send you the links.

        Hopefully we’ll be planning another Agile day soon.


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