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Theory of Constraints

I was pleased to have presented a talk at Agile Tour 2013 discussing some principles on the Theory of Constraints. This talk is usually 2 hours which includes a game and some live simulation. However due to time constraints we had cut the talk down to 50 minutes and discussed just the findings. I have to be honest, having just spent a few days running an inception/training session in Italy I didn’t bring my A game presenting the material, but hopefully this didn’t affect the result.

The structure of the presentation was the take a brief step by step approach to a simple kanban workflow and discuss common solutions to solve the problem in the software domain.

We hoped that this talk would simply get people thinking about the wider system they work in and not just focus on localised optimisation.

Click here to view the full presentation on InfoQ.

The slides from the talk can be seen below :

If you’re interested in this presentation, I would also recommend viewing the Knowledge Centre at the Theory of Constraints Institute¬†

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