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The journey of a lean enterprise – Agile In A Bag London
Presentation Topics 
  • Agility is an organisational mind shift
  • Bet small, don’t bet big up front
  • Culture is more powerful than strategy
  • Distribution over centralisation
  • Enabling governance
  • Learn Fast, embrace experimentation
This presentation shares some of my insights and experiences transforming enterprises to become more innovative and responsive to changes in their competitive environment. This presentation focuses on Pearson, the worlds largest education company  and how we were transforming the global organisation to adopt Lean and Agile at an enterprise level.  Despite all the frameworks, scaled solutions and best intentions you need to change the culture from the bottom to the very top.  In many ways frameworks focus on silos and/or functions in an organisation and miss culture by focusing on tactics. It’s important to understand your problem as an organisation, understand yours and the customer needs and understand your culture before making tactical decisions. You must ensure  governance right at the heart of the organisation reflects your needs to have any chance of bringing your company together to develop a learning organisation.
If you are looking to be more innovative as an enterprise, I hope you find this presentation useful and would love to hear from you.

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